Too Much Fun? Need a little Help?

Burning Man is an annual event full of music and artistic expressions located in the ephemeral Black Rock City. In a “city” where almost everything can happen, with over 50,000 visitors every year it is not uncommon to be exposed to a situation where you can be confronted by local authorities.

Burning ManEven with a minor offense you can be charged, ticketed, and even jailed. All of which can be overwhelming, especially when the fun is over and it is time to get back to your city/state for work, studies, or your everyday routine.

Tony Liker is an Attorney located in Nevada, where he has been serving for over 24 years as a Criminal Defense Attorney. Tony’s experience as a former Prosecutor has given him the experience to know exactly how to aggressively defend you against felonies and misdemeanors.

Don’t let a situation take over and especially one with consequences that will affect you for years. Burning Man 2017; Make great memories and leave the trouble behind, but if you do find yourself needing an Attorney you will be in great hands with Tony Liker!


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